Do I Need A Website For My Beauty Biz?

Jan 06, 2022

When we first start our beauty biz there’s a million bajillion things that rush into our heads and get put onto our “to-do” list. If you’ve never started a business before it can be really overwhelming to think of all the things you think you should do to make your new endeavor a successful one. Obviously we all go into this new passion with our sights set on the prize and we want to do ALL the things to make our dreams a reality. However, we don’t always know all the answers, right!? This experience is a learning curve for everyone and we tend to get caught up in watching other people and trying to follow in their footsteps. This can be a great thing because, as we know, success leaves clues. On the flip side, this can swing us into a frenzy of imposter syndrome where we feel like we aren’t doing enough or we aren’t doing the right things. The one thing I want you to alway remind yourself, is that everyone has their own journey and there is never one right way to go about that journey that will work for every single beauty business babe.

The question we want to focus on today is, do I need a website? This is a common question because if you’ve ever gone to any medium-big sized brand, they most likely have a website. A website gives off a sense of professionalism and shows audience members that you’re the real deal! These things are very true, but do you NEED one?

Short answer - No.

Better answer - Yes.

Let me explain. If you’re in a scenario where you just launched and you’re trying to figure everything out all at the same time and it’s making your head spin, then no, you do not NEED a website to get your business off the ground or to start getting clients through your door. I say this because there are a lot of ways to start getting the attention of new clients when you’re just starting to build a clientele. Using social media marketing, email marketing and hitting the streets the old fashioned way to get your name out there will do the trick when it comes to getting your first clients. However, I want you to keep in mind that although you don’t need a website to get started or even to make money initially, it is helpful to have a website and I do recommend getting one up as you grow.

When you think of a website I want you to think of it as your online store front. This is super important especially if you don’t have an actual storefront where clients and customers can come in and learn more about your business in person. Potential clients will visit your website to seal the deal on whether they want to book with you or not. Your website is where they will learn more about you and get a vibe for what you stand for. This is the spot where you can really sell them on why they would want to receive a service from YOU! That’s what makes having a website such a powerful tool in your business. The reason I recommend taking the time to build this online space for your current and prospective clients is because the more traffic and attention you draw in the easier you want it to be for someone to decide whether or not they're going to book with you.

Not to mention, building your first website doesn’t have to be a super difficult task. I know it may seem like a whole lot to take on if you’ve never done it before, but there are plenty of different website hosting sites that allow you to create a website for free or for a small fee. That means there’s no reason to not make moves in getting this set up for your biz, girlfrand!

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