How To Become Omnipresent Online

Apr 22, 2022

When you decide that you’re going to become a beauty entrepreneur, you’re taking on a big task of having to wear many, many hats at the same time. Generally when you start your business you do everything yourself. You all of a sudden become a social media manager, a marketing specialist, an accountant, an administrative professional, and so on and so forth; you get the point! There’s always a whole lot to keep track of at all times and in the beginning stages of your entrepreneurial journey, you don’t always have the resources to hire a team right off the bat, understandably! However, as you start gaining your bearings in your business, you may realize that one of the biggest goals as a Beauty Biz Babe, is to grow your social presence so that you are being seen across many platforms and remaining top of mind to your ideal clients. Sounds easy enough, right!? Well, if you’ve had your hands in the social media marketing realm of your business for a minute, you may have noticed that it can be tedious, time consuming and sometimes even frustrating to grow your business’s social presence. You may find yourself spending 4 hours straight making one Instagram Reel, only to receive 5 likes. All that work for 5 measly likes!? It’s no secret that staying on top of your social media efforts takes consistency and dedication in order to see the fruits of your labor. Not only that, but hello… there’s multiple platforms that you can utilize, so figuring out where to focus your energy can feel overwhelming in itself. 

Although on a personal level, we may use many different social platforms to keep up-to-date on what our friend’s cousin's sister is doing with her life, when it comes to staying relevant online with our business, it becomes a little more difficult to cultivate a strategy around posting consistently to develop a comprehensive online image for your brand. The goal with becoming omnipresent online is to make sure that no matter what platform your potential clients are scrolling on, your company is still popping up with relevant information that will catch their eye. So how do you  successfully go about becoming omnipresent online so that your brand is being shown to your followers regularly on all areas of the web? 

There’s two major things to keep in mind when you’re working to get your business to be omnipresent in the online space:


In one of our recent posts on Instagram we talked all about the power that repurposing content can have. Taking content you have written, developed or curated for other marketing avenues of your business and rearranging it to fit other platforms will save you a whole bunch of time, stress and overwhelm when trying to stay consistent in your overall online marketing efforts. Repurposing your content can look like taking a blog post you wrote for your website and creating 2 or 3 different captions out of that information to post on Facebook and Instagram. This could look like recording a podcast episode and then turning that into a blog post for your website. You can see the trend here where you’re taking the same information that you’ve put together and then finding ways to reuse that content for different areas in your marketing strategy. Repurposing your content will save you time and allow you to stay on top of posting information consistently on several different platforms. 


Running a one woman show is hard AF. Trust me, I’ve done it. As we talked about earlier, it may not feel feasible right in the beginning of your journey to be able to delegate. However, the problem with doing it ALL in your biz is that there’s a limit on the time and energy that you have as just one person. Not to mention, if you’re focusing on too many things at one time, none of them are going to be the best they can be. The key is to find what you are the best at and decipher what it is that you NEED to do and then find other capable and talented people to work on accomplishing the other tasks in your biz that you don’t have to be the one doing. Not only will delegating work allow you to ease your mind and stress levels, but it is also a major tool in helping you grow your business! The happier you are working in your business, the more creative and inspired you will show up every single day. This will help move the needle forward so that you can accomplish your goals faster than you would if you were doing everything entirely by yourself. 

The moral of the story: you can’t do it all alone, nor should you have to. Make it a task this week to piece together a plan for one or two of the social platforms that you want to focus on and how you can start becoming omnipresent there first. Once you start making progress on those couple platforms, you can expand your efforts to other areas of the interweb. Also note that you most likely have content that you’ve created in the past that you can start repurposing for other areas now! Go through your past posts and devise a plan to use that information in a different way.

Becoming omnipresent online takes effort, planning, organization and time, but it can be done! For more tips and tricks to grow your beauty biz, subscribe to the Beauty Business Babes Podcast on iTunes or Spotify!