How To Create Consistent Income In Your Beauty Biz

Apr 29, 2022

If you’re a beauty biz babe, you may have felt the overwhelm of ups and downs that make up an entrepreneurial lifestyle. You may feel these ups and down emotionally as well as monetarily, especially if you’re new to business. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to make sure your business is bringing in revenue and staying profitable. However, as a spray tan artist, you may notice there being times where business slows down and times where your business picks up. Busy season for many artists is in the summertime, whereas artists may find that the cooler months in the winter tend to become slower. This change in season can cause you to feel like there’s inconsistency in the amount of money your business is bringing in throughout the year. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster of a lifestyle that you signed up for is bound to happen every now and then. The good news? As the Glow Boss that you are, you also have the power to set up the offerings in your business to bring in consistent income to help smooth out the ebbs and flows so that they don’t feel so dramatic.

A few ways you can begin forming consistent income in your business is through implementing packages and memberships. Packages and memberships are higher priced options that promote recurring purchase options for your clients, therefore creating more consistency in the amount of clients you’re seeing regularly as well as the amount of money you bring in every month. Let’s explore these two options a little further:


Offering packages to clients can look a variety of different ways. If you're a spray tan artist that has positioned yourself in the niche of bridal tans, it could be advantageous to you to offer specialty packages for brides and their bridal parties. These packages could include a trial tan for the bride or a package where the brides tans free if a certain number of her bridal party books with you. You can also offer basic packages that include your products and services. For example, a package that includes two spray tans at a discounted price. Each package you offer can be named something cheeky that correlates with your brand.


Creating monthly memberships for clients is a great way to make sure you have a certain amount of income coming in every month. However, going the membership route can sometimes feel overwhelming because of the technical aspect that’s involved with making the membership recurring or having to keep track of multiple memberships at a time. Types of memberships you might want to offer can include an unlimited tanning membership where the client pays a specific amount every month and can tan as many times as they would like. If your business offers different services, such as teeth whitening, you might want to offer a package that gives a discount to your VIP member on other beauty services and retail that you sell. Since the membership price will be something that the client signs up to pay on a monthly basis, it’s important to make sure whatever is included in your memberships adds tremendous value to your clients.

Both of these options are great for creating consistent income in your beauty biz because although the client will be getting a discount on the amount they are paying per service, you will be able to bring in a higher ticket price per package or membership that is sold. Not only that, but clients are more likely to make these options a recurring purchase! Your ride die clients will love having these options available to them because it increases the overall value of their experience with you. 

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