Masters Spray Tanning
Certification Course
(In Person)


This master’s course dives into the deeper sunless education so you can strengthen your knowledge and overcome any obstacles and uncertainties you may have. Once you’ve completed this course you will understand the truth behind sunless science, have a deeper understanding of skin + DHA%, you will know how to continue to grow you business so you can make more money and more! Perfect for experienced artists who are interested in learning more about sunless and business.

You’ll leave: extremely knowledgeable, excited, confident, and empowered to implement changes in your business so you can create more income in less time!




If you are an experienced sunless artist looking to:
+ enhance your skill set through contouring and bridal tanning
+ grow your team
+ create systems in your business
+ sale more memberships, packages and retail products
+ create more money and time freedom for yourself
this training is for you.

Our Spray Tan Class Masters Course Training includes:
PART I : Video Presentations

+ DHA and Skin Education with Licensed Estheticians
+ Sunless Science with Cosmetic Chemist Vibha Makwana (Founder, AYU)
+ Color Bronzes and Bases
+ Safety and Sanitation Procedures 

PART II : Step-By-Step Video Tutorial + Modules
+ Spray Tanning Curvy Body Female*
+ Contouring Male, Female + Curvy Body Female*
+ 3X Your Business With Bridal Tanning with Bridal Expert Pamela Price
+ Avoiding and Correcting Spray Tanning Mistakes

PART III : Sunless Marketing and Sales
+ Delegating and Systemizing Your Sunless Business
+ Double+ Your Revenue With Retail
+ Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue
+ Sunless Sales Training

+ Sample of 3 Waiver Forms for Your Sunless Business (Valued at $225)
+ On-Going Discounts on Top Sunless Brands (Priceless!)
+ Beauty Business Marketing Video Training ($497 Value!)

* - content will be available to all Masters students by 01/2022